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B the Blunt 420 Dog Toy

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Meet “B”! His eyes are always closed because he’s blunted all the time! You can’t tell if he’s awake until he’s talking. When he talks, he’s known to be kinda blunt. He likes to keep things cut & dry. He hates long stories. But don’t get offended by his sarcasm, he really means well. He’s a fun loving guy who just likes to speak his mind. B keeps it real. Some may think he is rude but he is filled with good intentions and is always the life of the party!

Note: B is not a chew toy. Fabric, stuffing and squeakers are not made to be chewed, swallowed or ingested. Pets must always be supervised. Inspect toys frequently. Replace worn or damaged toys. This product (nor any product sold by PAW:20) is intended to be eaten or swallowed


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