An Eclectic Gift Shop

Oddhouse is all about sticking to your odd, unique, and wonderfully true self. Keep self care in the forefront 😌 the positive energy flowing, and good vibes will follow. This gift shop is a multi faceted bit of magic with something for everyone. Please dive in and see what calls to you, for yourself, or a loved one. Sharing is caring!

  • Wooden box Tree of Life

    Wooden Boxes

    Versatile wooden boxes, some with intricate carved designs. Handmade in India. Several styles and sizes available. Stash all your favorite things in style!

  • Handmade Jewelry

    This collection showcases my creative side and jumps all over the place. From low key everyday wear to bold, eye catching pieces, you can be sure it will be one of a kind!

  • Crystals

    So many crystals, so little time! Peruse the selection of magical specimens the universe has provided. Your energy will draw you to some, and others you may seek out for their special properties.