About us

Hello beautiful souls, and thank you for visiting my shop! And now a small tale of how I started....

All my life I have been fond of rocks, crystals, gemstones, and sparkly things (and the beach and shells, but that's another tale, for another day). I had the idea for this company and the name in 2006 or 2007 (still figuring that out🥴), looking back at things I've always loved. I started gathering materials and books and teaching myself how to make jewelry. I loved it! Of course, life sometimes has other plans so things got put on the back burner, but my passion never died. Over the years, I would still search out and accumulate unique items, making gifts for birthdays and holidays. Teaching myself techniques and selling to family and friends, and small vending at events and even a shop. In 2015, after a big move to California, I took the leap, I finally started selling online. I sold most of the hand made jewelry I had, and then took another spin. Turns out, I basically had a heaping store of unique supplies...and so the selling of unique supplies began! In less than a year Oddhouse sold product to all 50 states, as well as, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and even International. I also accumulated 830 positive reviews, this was all via the site Tophatter.com.

I love my customers! Which is why I include a free gift (or two) with every order!

Manifesting the future: The future of Oddhouse is a storefront near a beach selling quality gifts/products made by me, my friends, and natives of wherever I end up to support local artists and the community. There will be an area for the local children to express themselves making jewelry, art, and music. And probably an adults only section lol. Options for island tours and adventures, photoshoots, and romantic dinners/picnics. Also, an airbnb with either rooms or small Casitas. Manifesting my future goals and dreams!!!

If you are ever searching for something specific please do inquire as it just may not be listed at the time, or perhaps I can find it for you if I don't have it. Interested in a custom piece made out of materials you see or just something you have in mind, please inquire at shopoddhouse@gmail.com.

Thanks for joining me for story time...